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Extreme ti 5000 – Through-the-Wall

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The Extreme Series was designed with easy installation in mind. The Extremes and the SC Series do not require an HVAC-R technician for installation. There are three different versions of our extreme units:

  • Extreme tiR fully ducted (FD): This product is intended for fully ducted installations. Fully ducted units are for customers who don’t want to see their unit in the cellar. The duct plenums for the evaporator and condenser will be included with your purchase. This unit also comes with a KDT Plus remote controller and thermostat. The controller can be mounted outside the cellar, allowing you to monitor your cellar temperature without needing to enter. The controller can be mounted up to 50 feet away from the Extreme unit.

NOTE: If you are planning to place this unit in the attic and use ducting, please contact our sales team for pricing. You may not need ducting equipment for the condenser side of the system.

  • Extreme tiR Self Contained: This product is intended for through-the-wall installations. It is an “upgrade” to the Extreme ti because it uses the KDT Plus remote controller and thermostat. The duct plenums for the evaporator and condenser can be purchased separately. The controller can be mounted outside the cellar, allowing you to monitor your cellar temperature without needing to enter. The controller can be mounted up to 50 feet away from the Extreme unit.

NOTE: If this unit will be installed through an exterior wall, you will need to purchase an exterior housing to protect the unit. If this unit will be installed through an interior wall, the hot air exhaust may be redirected to another location using the condenser ducting plenum kit.

  • Extreme ti: This product functions in the same way as the tiR and is intended for through-the-wall installation. The difference between the ti and tiR is that the controller and display will be located on the front face of the unit. In order to monitor your cellar conditions, you will need to physically enter your cellar.

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Have more questions? Feel free to contact our client support team or visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about our cooling systems.

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The BTU/h value range shown here is a theoretical number. There are often circumstances under which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to variables not accounted for in the formula. For example, these variables could be building materials (such as glass, stone, concrete, etc.) which do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for these unaccounted-for variables. An undersized unit can lead to premature failure and will most likely prevent the cellar from reaching your desired temperature.


Cellar Wizard

For more specific calculations, we have a tool which accounts for these variables. Please utilize this tool in order to ensure you are selecting the proper cooling unit for your application. Our tool is called the Cellar Wizard.

Note: The systems do not include a line set.

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Product Specs

Extreme ti Series

Please click below to view all product specifications for the Extreme ti Series cooling systems.



Owner Manual

Owner Manual

Please click below to read and download the owner manual for this cooling system.



Ventilation Requirement

UV-C Lighting System Option

*Please note that this feature will need an additional 4 inches of clearance on the side of the unit. See the owner manual for more information.

Annual Maintenance Program

Annual Maintenance Program

WhisperKOOL systems are designed for a long service life. In order to ensure your system performs at peak efficiency, and to prevent your wine cellar from experiencing unscheduled downtime, annual preventative maintenance is essential.

We work with qualified HVAC specialists to offer maintenance programs for our cooling units. By enrolling in the Annual Maintenance Program (AMP), you can prevent spending thousands of dollars on major repairs that could be prevented with regular system maintenance.


Warranty Information

Product Warranty for Self-Contained Units

A limited 2-year product/5-year compressor warranty is offered with all self-contained cooling units at the date of purchase.


3 reviews for Extreme ti 5000 – Through-the-Wall

  1. M. Braunstein

    Upgraded from 3000XLT

    I’ve had a custom walk in cellar cooled by a Vinotheque 3000 XLT unit for over 10 years. While I was always happy with the unit it did run quite a bit and, as a result, I had to replace it every few years. To their credit, Vinotheque offered a reasonably priced “trade-in” program and was always quite prompt in sending the new unit. The last time I contacted them they offered the substantially more expensive new Extreme series unit which they said would fit right into the existing hole. I decided to switch and I’m extremely happy I did.

    While the 3000 XLT was a substantial unit, from the moment I opened it I could easily see that the Extreme took things to another level. It is much quieter, moves far more air and, as a result, runs far less often. Vinotheque asked me to send in picture of my installation and made some recommendations and offered to extend the warranty to four years if I made them.

    I wanted to remodel and expand the cellar anyway so I did that an incorporated all their suggestions. I’m thrilled with the results, the Extreme runs even less often (mostly, I think, because I super-insulated the door — something I would recommend to others because it makes a huge difference). Vinotheque was as good as their word and promptly extended the warranty once I sent in new photos.

    No product, no matter how good, is any better than the service that backs it up. I’ve read all sorts of horror stories about poor service for wine cellar cooling units. My recommendation is to look no further than WhisperKOOL — great cooling units and even better customer service.

  2. Steve

    Works fabulously!

    I recenly replaced my old WK4200 XLT with the Extreme 5000ti. My cellar is well insulated and holds 1200 bottles. Upon start up, the temperature was 68 degrees and less than 48 hours it reached set point of 55 degrees. I am truly impressed and pleased that I was talked into upgrading to this machine!

  3. Mark

    Works Great! I have collected about 600 bottles and the temperature is staying at 55 degrees in my garage cellar. During the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 outside, with 95% humidity. I made sure to build the cellar with good insulation and vapor barrier. The Extreme hasn’t missed a beat. I’ll let you know how it goes after another hot summer.

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