LEARN MORE ORDER NOW INTRODUCING THE SLIMLINE LS The new Slimline LS has evolved into a single system with a plethora of enhanced features that provide powerful performance, quiet operation, and prolonged system longevity to protect your investment in fine wine for years to come.  Slide UV LightING
Technology Prevents mold growth within the system
Reduces pathogen and allergen levels within wine cellar
Reduces unpleasant smells and odors
Maintains overall healthier and cleaner cooling system

Slide CEILING MOUNT The Reinvented SHOP NOW Explore our latest design innovation that simplifies the installation process and optimizes system performance. This is the Ceiling Mount - revamped, redesigned, and rediscovered. LEARN MORE SC PRO SERIES STRONGER∙QUIETER∙SMARTER LEARN MORE Say hello to the future. ORDER NOW Use Cellar Wizard CELLAR WIZARD Which unit is right for YOU? Find the right WhisperKOOL cooling system for your application using our Cellar Wizard.