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How to Use WhisperKOOL’s New Charging Charts

How to Use WhisperKOOL’s New Charging Charts

Many of our distributors and techs may not be aware that we have implemented a new series of charging charts. These charts are zip-tied to the condensing units of our split systems. WhisperKOOL hopes that these charts will assist technicians in properly charging our split systems.

WhisperKOOL Charging Charts

It has come to WhisperKOOL’s attention that there are two main problems that arise when technicians attempt to charge our units:

1. Widespread confusion about pump-down systems and how they work.

2. Accidental overcharging of WhisperKOOL split systems.

Our charging charts are intended to both inform our technicians how our pump-down systems work and prevent accidental overcharging of the system from occurring.

The first part of the chart includes vital information about our split systems:

The second part of the chart includes a handy table with pre-weigh-in charge amounts based on the length of the line set.

(NOTE: Technicians will still need to top the system up with refrigerant and adjust the thermostatic expansion valve, or TXV.)

Example Scenario

Let us consider an example installation. Say a technician is installing a Ceiling Mount 8000 split system. With a warm cellar (72°F) on a warm day (85°F), the low side pressure would be 35-40 psi. The high side pressure would be 180-200 psi, with a subcooling of 4 degrees and a total superheat of 24 degrees. Given a 90-foot line set, the pre-weigh-in refrigerant charge should be 3.02 lbs.


It is our hope that our charging charts will give technicians in the field the tools they need to charge WhisperKOOL split system with refrigerant. We also hope that these charts will provide techs with a handy charging guide and vital information about pump-down systems. For more information about split system charging, feel free to contact customer service at 1 (800) 343-9463, ext. 801. You can also visit our blog for more information about pump-down systems. Thank you for being a WhisperKOOL customer.

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