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Complete Customer Service with WhisperKOOL

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Complete Customer Service with WhisperKOOL

At WhisperKOOL, we take pride in assisting our customers with achieving the best results with their wine cellar cooling units. When Eric Shannon, from Visalia, CA, reached out to WhisperKOOL to add a wine cellar cooling unit to his new home, we were more than happy to assist him with his project. 


After discussing and understanding the layout of Eric’s wine cellar, the WhisperKOOL team ultimately helped Eric in deciding that the Platinum Split system was the best option for his needs.


But it didn’t stop there. Eric also received assistance with the wine rack design in his cellar, the installation of the wine racks, and in finding the proper insulated door complete with a secure combination lock.


Watch the following video to see just how we were able to assist Eric with his cooling wine cellar.



What is the Platinum Split system?

The Platinum Split is a cooling unit that is designed for efficient installation and accessibility post-install.

There are several benefits to installing a Platinum Split system:

  • The fan is quiet when compared to most other systems
  • There is easy access for maintenance through a removable front grille
  • The removable grill allows for removable, washable filters
  • It is available with our 24V conversion kit
  • It can be installed on a rack in the cellar or mounted to the wall
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