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What is the WhisperKOOL Cold Weather Start Kit (CWSK)?

Cold Weather

What is the WhisperKOOL Cold Weather Start Kit (CWSK)?

Welcome to the WhisperKOOL blog. Here we post educational articles about wine storage and wine cooling, as well as preventative maintenance tips for our units. We also strive to showcase our products and accessories. Many people are unaware of just what our products are capable of, and the accessories that come with them. Today’s post is about one of those accessories the CWSK.

WhisperKOOL Cold Weather Start Kit

The WhisperKOOL Cold Weather Start Kit, or CWSK, enables WhisperKOOL cooling units to operate in cold temperatures.

WhisperKOOL units work by utilizing a pump down cycle. The system uses a solenoid to cut off the refrigerant flow. During the off-cycle, the refrigerant comes to rest in the receiver.

WhisperKOOL Cold Weather Start Kit (17898). Designed for split systems where the condensing unit will be located in environments that drop below -15°F (-26.1°C).

When temperatures drop, so does the pressure inside the cooling system, and the compressor can’t start properly. This kit adds an electronic bypass to start the compressor and a temperature-controlled heater on the receiver to raise the refrigerant pressure to optimal levels.

Have More Questions?

Have any questions regarding the Cold Weather Start Kit? Feel free to reach out to our customer service team, you can reach us at 1-(800)-343-9463 ext. 801

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