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KDT Controller Tutorial: Powering On The Unit

How to power on your unit from the KDT controller.

KDT Controller Tutorial: Unlocking KDT Display

How to unlock your KDT Display.

KDT Controller Tutorial: Changing The Set Point

How to change the SET point.

KDT Controller Tutorial: Folder Navigation – ALr / Pb1 / Pb2

How to navigate the Folders ALr Pb1 and PB2.

KDT Controller Tutorial: User Menu – FdC / FOF / FOn

How to navigate the User Menu FdC FOF FOn.

KDT Controller Tutorial | User Menu / CA1

How to navigate the User Menu CA1.

KDT Controller Tutorial | Full Video

Our KDT Controller helps control all the features of your WhisperKOOL cooling unit. This video teaches you how to get started using it. Below are all the links to all the chapters for specific functions.


  • Powering On The Controller: 0:05
  • Unlocking the Display and Main Functions: 0:28
  • Changing the Set Point: 1:09
  • Folder Navigation: 1:38
  • “ALr”/Alarm Folder: 2:06
  • “Pb1″/”Pb2” Folders & “ESC” Button: 2:17
  • User Menu Navigation: 2:34
  • “FDC” Folder: 2:49
  • “FOF” & “FOn” Folders: 3:42
  • “CA1” Folder: 4:11
  • “dOA” Folder: 4:53