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August 31, 2015

Juste pour vous dire que j'ai bien recu le nouveau climatiseur et qu'il est bien installe. Il fonctionne tres bien avec une temperature constante a 55F ou 12.6C. La machine est impeccable en fonctionnant quelques minutes pour garder la temperature avec tres peu de rejet d'eau. Merci encore pour le professionnalisme de votre entreprise et si vos produits fonctionnent tous comme celui recu en echange, alors vous avez un excellent produit! Bien a vous, Un client satisfait....

Just to tell you that I have received the new cooling unit and is correctly installed. It works well with a constant temperature of 55F or 12.6C . The machine is working percectly, a few minutes to keep the temperature with very little water discharge . Thank you again for the professionalism of your business and if your products all operate as one received in return,then you have a great product ! Sincerely, A satisfied customer ....

Bernard Naud

August 10, 2013

My husband’s passion for wine grew to the extent that we had to build him a wine cellar. We built our wine cellar last year in May and we are extremely happy with it.. We are pleased with the Platinum Split because we don’t have any extra noise outside of the cellar. We highly recommend WhisperKool cooling units for your home cellar.

Kelly M.

July 22, 2013

WhisperKool has become my first choice in wine cellar cooling units. I have more installation options when choosing a WhisperKool than with any other brand. Their owners manuals are very easy to understand, and their customer service is excellent so I can feel good about recommending these to my customers.

Michael G.
Custom Home Builder

June 4, 2013

I’ve had the SC 4000i cooling system for a few months now and the wine cellar is full. I like how it monitors the liquid temp. The cellar has steadily maintained the temperature at 55 degrees, so I’ve been happy so far.

Ray D.

May 19, 2013

I have collected about 600 bottles and the temperature is staying at 55 degrees in my garage cellar. During the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 outside, with 95% humidity. I made sure to build the cellar with good insulation and vapor barrier. The Extreme hasn’t missed a beat. I’ll let you know how it goes after another hot summer.

James S.

April 07, 2013

My wine cellar was cooling as expected since 1998 when we built our house. Last week the cooling unit stopped cooling so I called your customer service. I bought a new 4000sc unit. It was shipped overnight and I received it early the very next day. Thanks for your fast response time to keep my cellar cool.

George S.

March 27, 2013

I am a contractor in California. Recently I have had more clients ask about including a walk in wine cellar in their home. I have been recommending WhisperKOOL because your self contained units are economical and easy for us to install. I also like that I can trust their customer service when we need help and if my customer has questions.
WhisperKOOL is a great company to work with.

Donald B.
Custom Home Builder

January 23, 2013

I bought a WhisperKOOL SC 2000i unit to install in a DIY cellar project. The WhisperKOOL website has a great video on how to build a wine cellar. It was easy to install, the owners manual was very thorough and informative. I am surprised that the unit doesn't seem to run very much to keep the cellar at temperature. Your company makes it easy to create your own wine cellar.

John M.

November 07, 2012

I wanted to let you know we just had our new wine cellar finished. We chose the Extreme 5000Ti. Our contractor said that it was easy to install and set up in the cellar. Just wanted to thank the sales department for helping us find what we needed.

Eric S.

September 14, 2012

This is to let you know that today I picked up a new cooling unit, installed it and it is running like a piano. Myself and my wines want to thank you for all you have done to help me. You have been so kind and helpful. Customer service like you are what makes companies great.

Angela B.

July 16, 2012

I wanted to thank your customer service team.
I have a cellar built into a pantry in my kitchen. During the summer months my cellar wasn't staying at the proper temperature. When I called the customer service hotline I was able to speak to someone immediately. They recognized that my unit wasn"t venting into a cool enough area. They recommended a ducting kit to get cooler air. Now my cellar is cooling perfectly, and the unit is not running all of time anymore.
Thanks to your team.

Suzanne K.

May 23, 2012

Hello, I purchased a house with a wine cellar a few months ago and I had a few questions about the cooling unit. It turned out I needed a new thermostat. I had read some pretty bad reviews about customer support from your company, so I was not expecting much help. Boy was I wrong! A gentleman named Manuel Keo took my call and walked me through the possibilities that might solve my problems. He was extremely informative and very patient. I received my new thermostat within 36 hours, and the cellar is working as it should. I am very happy. By the way he looked up my serial# and told me that the build date was Dec. 5, 2001! 11 years old and still going strong. This speaks volumes about the quality of your products.

Andrew B.

March 12, 2012

I have worked with WhisperKOOL for over ten years. During that time, the company has changed dramatically. Initially, they offered only limited numbers of models and therefore were limited to indoor installations, which isn't always convenient. Customer service, was limited in their availably and ability to provide support. However over the past five years, WhisperKOOL has really evolved by creating new products for a variety of installation applications and building more robust products, which can be vented outdoors and stand up to temperatures in Georgia, where is gets hot and humid in the summertime. Customers service has greatly improved. I get a live representative who is knowledgeable and helpful in supporting me in whatever I need. Reputation is everything in this industry. As a custom cellar contractor, I rely heavily on references from satisfied customers. I need a reliable cooling product for the cellars I build. I am happy with the quality and longevity of the current line of WhipserKOOL products.

Terry P.
Custom Cellar Contractor

December 16, 2011

You and your company have been awesome. One always measures the quality of a company by the way they choose to handle problems, you guys are A+. I'm hoping this has been a function of the refurbished units and the brand new unit will be the charm. Thanks again for this "above and beyond" customer service.

Scott T.

October 4, 2011

My wife and I were pulling together our house remodel. At the last moment, we decided to build a wine cellar (a dream of mine). I was looking around for different units, and I stumbled upon WhisperKool. They had a tremendous amount of options, which was helpful given we were not settled on size. Ultimately, we got one that fit. It is very quiet, and has managed to keep my cellar the perfect temperature for my 700 bottle cellar. It is right underneath our balcony and we hardly ever notice. And, after 3+ years it is running well without any major problems. Keep it Kool.


June 24, 2011

The wine refrigeration industry has come a long way over the last few years. We have been installing cooling systems and building custom cellars for over 15 years in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast. In this time period we have tried nearly all types and brands of cooling systems in search of a variety of products to satisfy individual customer needs. For many of those years we were apologetic to our customers when discussing their options for cooling systems. I would attempt to keep their expectations low when it came to both qualities of products available, and custom service we could expect from the actual manufacturers. No longer do I need to apologize to my customers. Several years ago, after a change of ownership, we noticed a distinct improvement in the service we were receiving from one of our suppliers - WhisperKool. Not only has the company consistently improved response and resolution to issues that arose, but also the quality of the product continued to improve. This was nice, but not the only improvement… they also began introducing new high quality product that gave us better options to satisfy our customers’ needs. In a business where reputation is critical, I can now recommend solutions for my customers and feel confident that the products we install satisfy their needs and perform reliably . I suggest anyone looking for a cooling system for their cellar consult a wine cellar professional to determine the cooling system best suited for your specific situation…and I have no hesitation in recommending WhisperKool.

T. Dwyer
Southeast Leisure, LLC
Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas

April 24, 2011

We recently purchased an Extreme Platinum 8000 unit to replace a failing XLT 4000 unit for our purpose-built 1,000 cu. ft. residential wine cellar, which is adjacent to our fully-vented garage. It was installed by your crew on April 12th, and after an initial adjustment to the Humidity Management Enhancement system, has performed flawlessly. It is so much quieter than the relatively noisy 4000, we were amazed. Now to the subject matter of this letter:


During the past three weeks, we have been ably assisted and advised by Manuel Keo. He is very amiable, thoroughly knowledgeable and very professional. I spoke with him almost daily for advise and guidance, and he has always been patient and very prompt in returning my calls. He is truly a credit to your company and deserves recognition. I wish I had more employees like him before I retired from my business. Also, the delivery/install crew leader, Michael, was very knowledgeable and innovative, easily overcoming some installation problems.

G. Evans

December 22, 2010

I purchased a WhisperKOOL 4000 Extreme refrigeration unit from you nearly two years ago, and Eric Wiedenmann asked me to tell you about our experience with it.

I have been very happy with our WhisperKOOL 4000 Extreme wine cellar cooling unit in every respect. I picked it up form your facility in Stockton and your staff there was very helpful and efficient. They even loaded the unit into my SUV for me. Installation in our new wine cellar went without a hitch,  and the WhisperKOOL has been keeping our wines at a stable, cool temperature ever since. We live in Danville, and our wine cellar is on a north-facing wall. In the summer, it gets direct sunlight and the outside temperature sometime reaches 115ºF, so a good cooling unit is essential. On the one occasion that I had a concern (a small amount of water dripping from the unit), the person I spoke to at your facility understood the problem immediately and offered a couple of useful suggestions. In addition to all that, the unit looks great.

D. Havlik