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Winery Profile: Wine Pairing at Red Newt Cellars

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When one thinks of New York, they typically think of big city lights, sprawling sky scrapers, and busy bodies hailing down yellow taxi cabs. However, there is another side of New York state that is not often explored - wineries. In upstate New York sits a beautiful winery that is worth a mention for its focus on wine pairing.

Red Newt Cellars is a wine and food lover's paradise located on the east side of Seneca Lake in the hamlet of Hector in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Let's dive into what makes this winery a destination fit for any wine lover.

Wine Pairing for Wine Lovers & Foodies

Red Newt Cellar Blog Ultra Wine Racks
Image courtesy of Finger Lakes Wine Country.

Red Newt Cellars is the perfect winery destination for wine lovers that are also self-proclaimed foodies. As a recipient of Wine & Spirit Magazine's 2011 Winery of the Year, Red Newt Cellars is well known for its artful food and wine pairing. Its VIP Tasting Experience highlights this winery's passion for wine by diving into the details of its various wine personalities. This wine tasting teaches visitors about the winery's winemaking techniques while educating them about the foods that are best paired with their wine. The food pairing is designed by none other than Red Newt Bistro chef, Jeremy Personius.

The VIP Tasting Experience is available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, the food and wine pairing is limited to a ten-person reservation. Click here to learn more and make a reservation today.

Red Newt Bistro

Red Newt Cellar Blog Ultra Wine Racks
Image courtesy of Red Newt Cellar.

Led by Chef Jeremy Personius, the Red Newt Bistro sources local Finger Lakes farm products to make fresh recipes right in the kitchen. This bistro, which houses a warm fireplace and cozy dining room, serves as the perfect break from wine tasting. Chef Personius's fresh recipe of soups, salads, pastas and more is sure to fulfill your appetite. Each Friday, the dining space also hosts live music along with a happy hour food menu.

Thinking about venturing out to the Red Newt Bistro? Click here to see their current menu.

Music Lover's Paradise

Red Newt Cellar Blog Ultra Wine Racks
Image courtesy of Red Newt Cellar.

What's better than wine and food? Wine, food, and music! Red Newt Cellars makes sure to keep its venue lively with new artist features every weekend. There are three different music programs that are hosted at various hours of the day and days of the week. They also have varying levels of formality. While the Sunset Chamber Music is by reservation only, the Lunchtime Music Series is very informal and invites an eclectic range of music. The Fireside Music program is a musical atmosphere created for the cold, dreary winter months. Starting November 25th, you can enjoy this program by a cozy fire paired with your favorite Red Newt wine.

Click here to learn more about the shows at Red Newt.

Visit the Red Newt Cellars website to get more information
about all this winery has to offer.

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