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Cellar Location

There are certain locations within your home (or business) that are more suitable to build your wine cellar. The location of your cellar will determine the sort of construction your cellar will need. The location will also determine the sort of cooling system will be adequate for your needs.


Wine Storage Fundamentals

There are key principles that you should know in order to adequately store and care for your precious wine collection. We’ll review how temperature, humidity in your geographical area, light exposure, vibration, and the angle of your bottles can affect the aging process.


Cooling System Applications

There are several factors that need to be considered where choosing the right unit for your wine cellar. There are four major categories of WhisperKOOL cooling units: Self-Contained, Ductless Split, Fully-Ducted, and Ducted Split. Each cooling category is suitable for various applications.


Recommended Cellar Construction

Problems may arise if you do not adequately construct your wine cellar. There are key concepts to keep in mind when constructing your cellar: (1) Venting, (2) Framing the room, (3) Vapor barrier, (4) Insulation, (5) Doors, (6) Lights, (7) Wall covering , (8) Flooring, and (9) Racking.


Vapor Barrier Construction


Insulation Requirements 


Types of Cooling Systems