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WhisperKOOL Products: Slimline Series

WhisperKOOL Products: Slimline Series

WhisperKOOL offers a diverse range of cooling systems. These systems have a variety of different capacities and applications. For those who may not be aware of the scope of our wine cellar cooling units’ capabilities, we’ve commenced a new series of blog posts. These posts will showcase different WhisperKOOL products and their features and installation options. For our second product showcase, we’ve selected the Slimline series. These convenient self-contained units offer powerful cooling in a compact package.

The WhisperKOOL Slimline Series

The Slimline is a small, self-contained, ductless cooling unit. First, let’s review what those terms mean in relation to WhisperKOOL units.

Self-contained means that the unit’s evaporator unit and condensing unit sit within a single metal housing. (This stands in contrast to split systems, where the condensing unit and evaporator unit are separate.)

The Slimline is also ductless. Ductless units have no ducting. Ductless self-contained WhisperKOOL units are installed directly in the wine cellar, through a wall. The evaporator side vents cool air into the wine cellar and the condenser side vents hot exhaust air into an adjacent room.

Features Of The WhisperKOOL Slimline Series

The Slimline was designed from the beginning to mount in an unusual location: the often-unused space above a door. This prevents the unit from taking up valuable racking space within the wine cellar.

Slimline units also feature:

Digital thermostat with bottle probe: The digital thermostat is attached to the exterior of the unit and displays the setpoint temperature and alerts. The WhisperKOOL bottle probe provides accurate temperature readings of your wine.

Removable grilles for easy maintenance: Slimline grilles allow for easy maintenance and regular inspections of the fans and coils.

Compact size: The Slimline is one of WhisperKOOL’s smallest units, measuring 19 inches long by 22 inches wide by 10.25 inches high.

Stainless steel drip tray: For condensation management, the unit has a stainless steel drip tray which resists corrosion.

Condensate evaporator: The unit utilizes a condensate evaporator heater which sits in the drip tray to assist with condensation management. This will reduce the amount of water which drains out of the unit.

Benefits Of Ductless Self-Contained Units

The main advantage of ductless self-contained wine cellar cooling systems is twofold. The first is ease of installation. Self-contained units do not require a licensed HVAC-R technician to install like WhisperKOOL split systems do. The second advantage is airflow. Ducted units can sometimes suffer a loss of cooling capacity, especially if the ducts have one or more bends. With ductless self-contained systems, however, there is no intermediary between the cold air blowing over the fans and the wine cellar. The cold air cycles directly into the wine cellar and the unit’s fans circulate it throughout the room.

Visit the Slimline’s product page for more information. In addition, stay tuned to our blog for upcoming WhisperKOOL product showcases. Technical information and educational posts are available as well.

If you have any questions about this unit, please contact our sales team at 1 (800) 343-9463, ext. 802. You can also visit our new website for more product information.

Thanks for being a WhisperKOOL customer!

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