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WhisperKOOL Unit Mounting Configurations

WhisperKOOL Unit Mounting Configurations

Welcome to the WhisperKOOL blog. We consider it our job to inform you, our customers, about our units and their capabilities. Many people are aware of our individual units and what they can do. Some, however, might not be aware of the full range of our units’ installation types and applications. This post will cover the many different mounting options for WhisperKOOL units.


self-contained wine cellar cooling unit whisperkool

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The first mounting option for WhisperKOOL units is through-the-wall. This applies to self-contained units that are non-ducted. A hole is cut in the cellar wall and the unit placed in it. Mounting brackets are used to help the cellar wall absorb the weight of the cooling unit. The evaporator side of the unit extends into the wine cellar and cool air circulates through the room. The condensing side of the unit extends into an adjacent utility room or the outdoors. In the case of the Slimline unit, which is intended to be mounted over the door of the wine cellar, the hot exhaust air vents into a hallway or whatever room is outside the cellar.


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Some of our most popular split systems (Ceiling Mount 4000/8000, Twin Ceiling Mount, and Mini Ceiling Mount) are, as the name implies, mounted in the cellar ceiling. The Ceiling Mount 4000 and 8000 are available in fully in-cellar, partially recessed, and fully recessed installation options. These systems’ evaporator units come with an insulation blanket to prevent them from sweating (if they’ve been installed fully recessed and the space above the cellar is not air-conditioned).


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Ductless split systems (which are not Ceiling Mounts) usually have a wall-mounted evaporator unit. The evaporator unit mounts to the cellar’s interior wall and vents cool air into the room. The condensing unit can be installed up to 100 line feet away, either in a safe and well-ventilated area (such as a garage or utility room, or the exterior of the house). The advantage of wall-mounted units is that they provide maximum cooling power, yet take up minimal space in the cellar.

Remotely Installed

For illustrative purposes only.

Remotely installed (or fully ducted) units are installed outside of the cellar. In the case of fully ducted split systems, the evaporator unit is placed in an attic or an adjacent space (no more than 25 duct feet from the cellar) and the cold air is ducted into the cellar. The condensing unit (as with a wall-mounted unit) is installed up to 100 line feet away, outside or in an unconditioned space in the home. In the case of fully ducted self-contained units, the unit is placed in an attic or adjacent space (no more than 25 duct feet away). The evaporator side is ducted into the cellar. The condenser exhaust air can be vented to outside the house. The condenser return air must not exceed 110 degrees.


No matter what type of cellar you have, WhisperKOOL most likely has a unit that can cool it. Our versatile cooling units have a variety of different capacities and installation options. We’re here to safeguard your investment in fine wine. Check out our website to learn more about our products. Thanks for being a WhisperKOOL customer!

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