Copeland – Portal

What is Copeland Mobile?

Copeland Mobile is a smartphone app that is extremely useful tool for technicians
who are working on WhisperKOOL Copeland condensing units. The app provides ” on-the-
go” access to Emerson’s Online Product Information (OPI) database for Copeland
compressor specifications and diagnosis. When utilized properly, this app can save
time and headache by aiding in the troubleshooting process.

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How does Copeland Mobile work?

1) Download the app through your smarphone’s app store.
2) Log in with your current OPI username and password or register for new OPI account through the app.
3) Tap the “Scan” button and scan the barcode of the condensing unit.
4) Select the product with the applicable refrigerant type (R-134a) to display the main menu.
5) Choose from a variety of options within the home menu screen to search for information pertaining to that specific model.

What can Copeland Mobile do?

• Where To Buy Lookup
• Serial Number Validation
• Model / Serial Number Scanning
• Full parts, accessories, and bill of materials listings
• Complete refrigeration compressor model information
• Electrical wiring diagrams
• Compressor Diagnostics
• Replacement model Cross-Reference
• Metric and imperial units conversion
• Links to other Mobile Apps
• “Live Chat” help function

Where can I find the Copeland Mobile app?