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About Us

About Us

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With over twenty years of wine cellar cooling experience, we have worked with contractors and customers on nearly every unique and challenging installation possible. Through this experience, we have developed new models with features which allow the units to operate efficiently while addressing installation challenges.

Quality Policy

Our highest priority is customer satisfaction - it is the standard by which we measure our success. We constantly strive to create a quality customer experience through continuous improvement at all levels of our business.

Our goal is to develop innovative, precise solutions to existing challenges within the marketplace. This requires that we focus on new product designs and refinement to existing designs in order enhance the customer experience. We also develop educational tools to more completely align customer expectations with product performance.

At WhisperKOOL, our most important asset is our employees. Our culture is one of mutual respect with high standards for quality as we strive to grow and improve every aspect of our company. We work together as a team knowing each role is important in making our goals a reality.

Mission Statement

We protect our customers investment in fine wine by manufacturing the highest quality wine cellar cooling systems.

Vision Statement

Be the preferred source of world-class wine storage cooling solutions.

Continuous improvement

At WhisperKOOL, we are committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement. This process includes developing new products to meet challenging environmental needs of new cellar designs while at the same time improving our existing product lines to be as efficient as possible based on the size, cost and application of the units themselves. Our engineering staff works extensively with suppliers and component manufacturers to source the latest technologies to enhance the performance and innovation of our existing products as well as development of new products. During the product development process, every component is chosen by following our strict guidelines to provide optimum performance and longevity.

For our product to maintain industry-leading quality, we use a network of engineers to research and develop new and revise existing models. Our in house testing facility allows us to thoroughly develop products that will live up to our expectation by running many rigorous tests in different environments and climates.The net effect is a complete line of self-contained cooling units, split systems and ducted cooling unit applications. This allows a customer to choose from a large array of products to meet their cellars applications. We are committed to the development of new and unique products that will continue to meet the challenges our customers face in different geographic parts of the country and the world in order to make their cellars operate as efficiently as possible while cooling effectively.

Community Commitment

Giving back to our community is an integral part of WhisperKOOL history and culture. Our goal is to support local charities that positively impact youth, physically challenged, elderly and empower those in need of a hand up. WhisperKOOL carefully examines an organization before contributing a gift. We seek groups that most efficiently provide the greatest service to our community and society. Gifts arrive in various forms: volunteerism, high quality wine, financial assistance and custom built (Made in America) wine preservation cabinets.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the benchmark we use to define success in our business. We recognize that a satisfied customer is the most important factor in creating the future for our organization. Many issues come into play when dealing with the challenges of providing cooling units for wine cellars. We are committed to providing accurate and thorough information on our products and the proper building of the wine cellar in order to ensure that the customers’ goal of aging wine to perfection can be achieved utilizing our equipment.

Past reviews and what they mean

Reviews are very important to us. We have learned many things from these comments. They are a measurement of the customer’s perception of our products based on their actual usage in their cellar environments. Since every cellar design is uniquely different, each cellar offers challenges on how to best cool the environment based on a number of fundamental factors including adequate insulation, proper vapor barrier, correct sizing the cooling unit to the environment and proper ventilation of the cooling units condenser (heat dissipation side).

We take negative reviews seriously and recognize that the customer’s poor experience is a poor reflection of our company. Many of the problematic issues are based on an unclear understanding of the use of the product in the customer’s application. Many factors such as glass doors, windows, and concrete walls may add to the aesthetic appeal of the cellar but compromise a cooling unit’s ability to operate efficiently. To narrow the gap between the customer’s perception of our products and the actual usage of our products, we have created a series of videos that better describe the fundamental requirements needed to build an efficient cellar including the features and benefits of each product line, so the customer can make the best decision.

In addition, our customer service department is here to help you every step of the way. Customers can contact us during the design process to receive the support in selecting a cooling unit based on cellars unique characteristics. We also go to great lengths to support existing customers and troubleshoot the cellars to determine what factors play a role in causing the cooling unit to operate inefficiently. Request for photographs often times reveal the hidden or unknown factors, which is compromising the cooling units ability to work efficiently.

Why choose WhisperKOOL?

When you choose WhisperKOOL, you gain access to our resources in sales, customer service and engineering. We work extensively with customers before, during and after the sale to assure the cooling unit and cellar environment are working together in an efficient manner to protect your valuable investment.